It’s my first post…

Ever thought about how to live a ‘normal’ life with a disability? Whether you have a disability or not it can be a dauntingly big task to think about, but I have one secret – positivity. Without sounding like the next big motivational speaker, positivity is key to anyone living a successful life.

Before I bore you with inspirational quotes, I’ll get down to business. In my life, in order for me to have achieved the things I have done, like moving 200+ miles away from home to complete a university degree, finding the right support is so important. Of course having supportive family and friends is important but where do you get the support you need to live be independent, when your body is so kind that it means you have to ‘depend’ on others?

Well my body means that doing everyday tasks can be a struggle, but with the right care and support in place it means that the everyday “can’t do’s” are a thing of the past. It now doesn’t phase me that I can’t walk, dress myself, cook or shower, and the reason that these things don’t phase me, is:

  1. I can’t change it so I accept it.
  2. I have a team of glamorous assistants (My PAs).

My Personal Assistants enable me to live a full and happy life without having to worry about whether or not I can do something – because to be honest I just go ahead and do it! Think of a Personal Assistant like a friend who is a dresser, hair stylist, make up artist (if you like that), driver, chef, and cleaner or whatever you want them to be really!  It’s like having your own entourage and often feeling like VIP.

When I came to Portsmouth I had agency care, which was when I first thought of myself as disabled – my family had always treated me as “Holly” and not “Holly – the disabled” so I found really hard to adjust having such a regimented routine. I challenge anyone here to pee on demand – it’s not easy. So halfway through my degree I decided to take the bull by the horns and become the boss.

18 months later I run a team of four PAs and am currently recruiting for more. Without the help of other professionals as well as my family and friends, my team wouldn’t be what it is today and that’s AWESOME!! 🙂

Throughout this blog I hope to give you and the internet a valuable insight into my life. I don’t promise it to be the next memoirs made into a Hollywood film or TV show but hope it will keep you entertained (and we all like a nose into someone’s life, why do you think social media is so popular?? )

Anyway Ciao for now!



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