It’s Graduation Day!

Last month on a warm sunny day in Portsmouth I graduated!!! 😀 In September 2010 I moved more than 200 miles from home from Leicester to Portsmouth, so after 4 years and many ups and downs in between, I graduated with a 2:1 in Media Studies!! 😀

Throughout my time at university it’s been a rollercoaster of friends, fall outs, love, heart break and lots of fun. I should probably mention that there was some studying involved!

Graduation day marks the end of an era, the closing of a chapter and a new start 🙂 Embrace it! In saying that I never felt so nervous as I did that day, all for 30 seconds of zooming across the stage, I cannot tell you about the amount of visions I had about knocking people over (like a game of ten-pin bowling!) But phew I didn’t and at least everyone is proud!

During the four years at University, I grew a lot and it was as much about finding my own feet as it was earning the qualification. My time being a student taught me a lot about standing up for what you believe in. When I moved to Portsmouth it was the first time I’d been totally independent from my parents. In 2012 after being in Portsmouth for about 18 months I joined a care agency that promised me complete independence, no more scheduled care calls, absolute freedom. However, the relationship turned sour and this is when I decided to run my own PA team. Graduation in a way also signified the fact that the team had been and is successful and that I was leading onto great things- like this blog!

Graduation is a big step for many and even though sometimes I hate to admit it, it is a teeny bit of a bigger step if you roll around just because of the many obstacles that get in the way!!! Graduation is also a time to be thankful to everyone who has helped you on the way- big thank you to my family, friends, tutors and my team I couldn’t do it without you guys!

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*Photos edited by Nathan Ingram

So that was grad day, thanks University of Portsmouth you were a doll.. see you around.. Coming soon- TIPS FOR A STUDENT ON WHEELS!


See You Soon




P.S if you can help it, don’t sit on stage (wheelies get put there) you have to do a LOT of clapping until you’re name is called!




One thought on “It’s Graduation Day!

  1. Woah great blog Holly bea! :- ) what an amazing story of highs, lows and achievement… Overcoming all the struggles and set backs in life to get to your goals! A true inspiration and wonderful human being… so glad and greatful to be your friend and concert buddy lol x


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