PA profile

On my blog ( I have written posts about the process of recruiting, I mentioned a profile that I attach to an email and send to people who I like the look  of. The profile opens up communication between me and the candidate and it makes me seem a lot more ‘real’ and friendly and not just a scary boss!

Below is an example of the profile I send:

Thank you for applying for the Female Personal Care Assistant position. I am a recent university graduate who now focuses on helping others run their own care teams along with other social care activities.

 I am a wheelchair user diagnosed with moderate Cerebral Palsy and has had spinal fusion in the last year. I live in my own flat with my housemate and two pets (cat and dog).

As you are aware you will be expected to help me live independently. Duties will include toileting, dressing, household work including pet care, accompanying to meetings and social activities. I have my own car that you may be expected to drive on occasion.

 I run a team of PA’s and you will be expected to work in a pair and independently. Work times are agreed by mutual agreement although this can change slightly from week to week. Generally speaking a day shift starts around 8.30/9am and will run till 5pm. Evening shifts will run from 7pm till 10.30/11pm. On occasion you will be expected to work outside these times.

 You will be paid in full for training and the initial probationary period (currently 8 weeks) You will be required to pass a clear DBS check.

This brief description also puts both of you on the same page so limits confusion before the meet with you. You can change this profile depending on the position being applied for.

One more thing, when I attach this via email I thank the person for applying and ask them if they are still interested in the position to get in touch to arrange an interview date.

And thats it, one simple step to start building your relationship between you and your potential PA.

Happy Recruiting!



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