it’s 24 things I’ve learnt in 24 years.

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged, life has kept me on my toes lately. Currently I’m sat here blogging with a hole in my back caused by an escapee screw and a sore hip so yay life is great! Aside from all that I soon turn 24.

This actually is all a bit bittersweet for me, I don’t want to be another year older (closer to getting wrinkles) but I feel that since my last birthday I’m so much more a real grown up! So in this post I thought I would share 24 things I have learnt in the 24 years I’ve been born..

  1. A Classic Disney movie will always make you smile.
  2. Nando’s is the best thing to happen to chicken. ever.
  3. Life doesn’t always go the way you planned, so start with the aspiration and then plan appropriately.
  4. Technology isn’t always a good thing.
  5. You can never be a perfect person because to someone else you might not be, so just be happy with yourself rather then pleasing others.
  6. No matter how hard you try not to, you will always buy something you don’t actually need.
  7. Its OK to need help.
  8. Don’t waste your time agonising over something you have no control over.
  9. Pets make a home.
  10. Trust in your ‘gut feeling’.
  11. To do lists are satisfying.
  12. Getting blind drunk is never a good way to spend your money.
  13. The opposite sex will always be a mystery.
  14. If you think you are going to be judged for something it’s probably because you aren’t happy doing it, rather than someone actually judging you.
  15. Southerners will always think I’m from the ‘North’ never the ‘Midlands.’
  16. You make friends in the unlikeliest of places or situations.
  17. Soap & Glory transformed shower time.
  18. Gig- going is a hobby I’ll probably never give up.
  19. Good things don’t happen to those who wait, but to those who work hard for it.
  20. Not getting perfect grades doesn’t limit your life, your drive does.
  21. Reality TV is one of the best ways to escape your problems; embrace some stranger’s problems instead.
  22. You can make a difference.
  23. There is always something new to learn.
  24. You can waste amazing amounts of time on the Internet.

I think that is an extensive list of things I have learnt over the years, what would your list be? In the next year who knows what I’ll learn or even get up to?!

So until next time



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