It’s the post about having a long-distance bestie.

This post may be 20% inspired by another blog post I have read recently but it doesn’t make any less of a topic for me to blog about, the post is about friendships, and the friendships we have with our best friends.

Friendships are often the first relationships we form outside of the family and at some point we have all had a ‘best’ friend or two, especially us girls! For many girls a best friend is someone who you would play pop stars with, talk about your crush with, mend a broken heart, laugh hysterically at an in-joke that no one else gets, spend almost all of your credit texting them and above all you love each other like sisters* (little note – I do acknowledge that a girl can have a male best friend, I’ve had a few of them too!)

Best friends are always people you turn to and people that you never forget. Even if a few of my best friend relationships have ended in tears in the past, despite that I’m thankful for all of my best friends past and present. One thing people always tend to say is that best friends can go a long time without talking and when they next talk, they talk like nothing’s changed. I never understood how someone could go without talking to their best friend but now I do.

When I first moved to Portsmouth I was lucky enough to have my best friend from Leicester living here as she came to uni a year before I did. Having my best friend here during first and second year was awesome. I made new friends in a new city but still had the security of someone who I knew nearby. After my bestie graduated she moved back home and it was like she had moved away all over again. I could deal with this until all my uni friends moved away from Portsmouth when I decided to stay.

People often moan about how hard long-distance relationships are but long-distance friendships are equally as hard if not harder. Making new friends as an adult is tough and if I’m totally honest it’s been particularly lonely lately. Having your best friend living in another city when you go through hard times is tough, especially if you haven’t spoken in a while but a best friend couldn’t have such a title if you couldn’t send them a message after weeks of not talking and be able to talk like it was only yesterday you last spoke. So I guess what people say really is true. Distance and time when it comes to good friends doesn’t matter. Even though it may be a year since I’ve seen her we always have each other’s back. And when we are not holding each other’s hand in cyber space during the tough times we are busy reciting Lion King!

If, like me, you and your bestie live in different places and you feel like it’s been a while drop ’em a message- you never know what they’re up to or going through. After all, you used to share everything together!

To My Crazy Disney Loving Friend,

Thank you for being awesome,

7 years, lots of laughter, occasional tears and oodles of inappropriateness,

Thank you for being another sister to me.



Until Next Time



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