it’s the end of year post

The end of 2014 is finally here, I’m back in Portsmouth after spending a quick four days at home and I’m actually feeling miles better about where I am right now, maybe it’s the feel good nature of Christmas who knows?

Christmas this year felt different. I felt different. So much happened in the latter part of the year that, to be honest, I know I am different person to the person that started 2014. Not that Christmas is about presents but this year I found that the presents didn’t matter (although I am loving smelling so pretty- thank you to Marc Jacobs and my parents!),  it was my family and friends that actually made my Christmas, so thank you. Spending time with family and friends when you live a couple of hundred miles away is always nice, even if we did all get a bit competitive playing Monopoly and Uno!

christmas selfie

christmas selfie

Aside from giving you a brief overview of my Christmas, what I really want to talk about is post is the lessons I have learnt this year and one of them is to always try to make the best of a bad situation. Some of you may think this is a little bit of a pessimistic lesson to admit to have learnt but my year hasn’t been the best. It hasn’t turned out the way I had originally planned but in a way it ended up teaching me so much about others and myself. I’ve learnt that you can’t plan every single second of your life; relationships are something that should make you happy not something that you do just because you feel that life is passing by. In the world of work (or volunteering in my case), I learnt that sometimes you have to take a risk and if you believe in something keep knocking on those doors because one day someone else will see your potential too!

What would an end-of-the-year reflection post be without my favourite memories of 2014? I may of just said about making the best of a bad situation but I did have some fun this year too. This year I graduated, got a puppy, saw Timberlake, Kanye and Lily Allen, met Jon Richardson and one of my oldest friends finally got married!

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I would say that is a pretty ok year if that ever was one, but one thing I am thankful for this year is this blog, and to be honest I had no plan of writing a blog let alone a blog that people actually read! So thank you to everyone who has read this blog, whether that be past, present or in the future! I hope that is blog has entertained some of you and help others. Who knows what I’ll write about next year? Like life, you can’t really plan anything!

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