The Theory of Everything: the promo post that isn’t really a typical promo post.

This promo post is a little different one, because it’s a film and two, it’s not a typical film review, (at least I don’t think so anyway). This weekend I saw the film ‘The Theory of Everything.’ For those that don’t know ‘The Theory of Everything’ is a biopic film based on the life of Stephen Hawking.

And why am I blogging about this film? Well, for many reasons but I suppose the two most important reasons are that I believe, this film offers one of most true-to-life depictions of how it feels to live a life with a disability and the other reason being it’s pretty inspiring if I say so. (Well if the film is accurate I must correct myself and say Stephen Hawking is pretty damn inspiring.

Now I don’t really say how inspiring I find other disabled people not because I don’t find disabled people an inspiration, but because those disabled people that do inspire me they, like me, probably cringe a little at the thought of being called a real inspiration. So why do I now find Stephen Hawking such an inspiration? He didn’t let his disability define him, like at all. Okay so in the pop culture world he might be recognised as a highly intelligent man who uses a computer to talk, but in reality that didn’t and doesn’t define him. He continued his career of as a scientist despite having a disability that has had such a prominent affect on his life. And that is what I admire, as much as I don’t let my disability stop me living life as much as I can, I have found it hard to find a career that I’m 100% passionate about until now. My disability in a way has become my calling in life. Helping others to understand the real impact of a disability and helping those with a disability live independent lives is probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The absolute irony with that is for years and years I avoided talking to disabled people as I didn’t want to be lumbered in a box but then I realised, life is what you make of it and I was judging people based on something so silly and I thought by using my disability as an advantage (if you will) I could challenge my own and other people’s preconceptions around disability.

So if you are looking for a feel good film (although I did shed a tear on one occasion or two!) I would certainly recommend seeing this as it might just inspire you too.

Copyright: Working Title Films

Copyright: Working Title Films

This film has also inspired me to do something that I hope in time will be pretty big and meaningful so watch this space as I’ll reveal more about that soon!

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