it’s (almost) daily thoughts of a self-confessed, slight obsessive, worrier/complainer.

The world and his dog probably know by now that I advocate for positive thinking around disability, (you know spending 24 years with a disability teaches you to see the bright side) but aside from that I’m a self-confessed worrier and/or complainer, highly strung, slightly obsessive person. If there were a competition for the person that has the most ‘first world problems’ I’d probably win. Hands down. Allow me to demonstrate just a few of these ‘issues’ and thoughts that I have almost on a daily basis.

  1. “I didn’t make all of my notes last night, time to give the gift of the gab.”

Not that I’m necessarily lazy but I am the queen of procrastinating. I did this at school, college, uni seminars and now work. You would think I would learn right?

  1. “I shouldn’t of watched TV til 3am”

Streaming sites have destroyed any hope of getting 8 hours a night ever. Having TV marathons are the best part of my day. Call me sad.

  1. “Oh god what have I done?”

This thought usually comes after someone saying that they need to talk to me. It literally fills me with dread, I will always think the worst.

  1. “I’m not sure if I’m good enough”

Professionally I tend to juggle 2 or 3 different projects at a time, and I love the work I do but no matter how big or small the task in hand, I always have a bit of a panic that people don’t like the work I do. Once I’ve had my mini meltdown, I’m fine. (well I’m not out of work yet!) I just need to believe in myself more.

  1. I’ve never been 100% happy with my hair.

It’s been too long, too short, golden blonde, platinum, ginger, brunette and pink. Never been in love with it ever, particularly when the roots make an ugly appearance!

  1. Am I posting too many photos of my pets on instagram?

Literally 90% of my profile is full of Thomas & Ruby. Follow me.

  1. “I wish I had the life of a Kardashian”

Having enough money to buy a house, car, wardrobe, hair stylist, make up artist on tap must sometimes, be awesome.

  1. “It’s been two hours since they read my message, they must hate me.”

That’s a fine example of me being melodramatic right there. This is why introducing delivery and read repots in messaging is a bad thing for us slightly obsessive folk.

  1. “I’m 24, am I supposed to know my husband by now?”

In all honesty spending too many years watching romantic comedies and reading magazines have skewed my perception of life milestones and what is ‘normal.’ Time to insert the cliché “the right one will come along eventually,” in saying that I’m not desperate to settle down but I feel old. HA!

  1. “I wish I had a decent wardrobe”

I always feel I need new clothes but my credit card disagrees. *sigh*

 This list is by no means an extensive list of my worries and first world problems but I hope it helps you to know that you’re not the only one who is highly strung!

Until next time



One thought on “it’s (almost) daily thoughts of a self-confessed, slight obsessive, worrier/complainer.

  1. I think Holly reading through all these things are perfectly normal worries we have all had at times. At the moment I am dreadfully negative going through a very bad time with my pain and disabilities along with horrendous housing which is affecting my mental health which in turn makes the physical even harder. Not being able to sleep at all. Constantly being told to be positive. I have started reading mindfulness and trying to learn to be positive. So don’t be too tough on yourself you want to prove your worth at work and with the obstacles you went through to do and finish uni I have absolute faith that lots of good things will come your way. Just ease up on yourself. The hair thing I am exactly the same I hate my natural colour if it grows it is so straight it just hangs limp it won’t curl or anything. I have been many colours over my lifetime it’s all experimenting until you are happy with it.


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