Colouring- A new kind of Mindfulness

It’s been a bit of a hectic time since I last blogged; care team reshuffles and stresses, coursework deadlines and an Usher concert- all a bit crazy but I guess being a boss and your average jo is a tough call after all.

Lately I discovered a new love. Art Therapy. Art therapy comes in many forms but the new ‘in thing’ is colouring. Yes, colouring. Now it’s not the type of colouring you did when you five (although those books would still work) but really intricate pretty patterns, and what’s the reason for colouring? Mindfulness.

I’m not going to bore you all with the ins and out of Mindfulness but it’s about being aware of your feelings and the world around you, a peaceful place. I’d been told about Mindfulness a few times but after trying and failing at making it work for me I gave up.

I saw this advert on the TV for a new magazine Art Therapy for 99p, bought some pencils and gave it a go. I love it. Definitely relaxing. There’s now a time in my week where I feel no pressure, no judgment and unlike other tried and tested Mindfulness exercises I feel this works. I just wish I could afford all the colouring books!

I would certainly recommend to anyone who has trouble switching their brain off, I don’t claim to be free of stress but just knowing that there is a place I can escape to is amazing.


 Art Therapy Magazine, Usual Price £2.99.- You build a collection of materials too. Definitely a good start, useful tips on Mindfulness in the magazine. Win, Win.

 Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure by Joanna Basford RRP £9.99- I don’t own this book yet but I’ve seen it in Waterstones and it is beautiful. Pages and pages of really delicate designs, a sure job for the fine liners!

So if you’re feeling a bit stressy try colouring, your inner child is waiting to be let out!

Until Next Time



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