Its all about Ruby!


This post is dedicated to my little doggy Ruby Roo, which according to her pet insurance renewal she has been part of my world for a whole year! (I do love you too Mr Thomas but in true cat like style, you are beautifully awkward around me!)

I’m writing this post with the warm tickly sensation of sunburnt arms, I totally underestimated the power of the sun on our walk today. Oops!

For those who don’t know, Ruby is my gorgeous, insanely loveable, year old Spaniel Cross fluff ball and in true biased mother like fashion- she is the best dog in the world. This isn’t to say that she can’t be a handful, because as I’ve learnt, having a dog with a diagnosed anxiety disorder which does have it’s challenges. The ‘Terrible Twos’ also do not make these challenges any easier at the moment! Despite being around dogs all my life owning my own dog has taught me so much.

No matter how hard your day, a dog is always happy to see you.

Even though I have carers around for a large proportion of my day, I live alone. Seeing Ruby so happy to see me everytime I come home is so lovely. Whether I’ve had a good or bad day, Ruby is always on hand for a cuddle.

Dogs (and pets in general) are a huge responsibility.

I had Thomas six months before Ruby so I was already used to the additional costs that come when you have a pet and having a dog growing up I thought I knew exactly how much work was involved owning your own dog. I was wrong. There are costs, making sure they’re healthy, caring for them, walking, socializing and discipline. It’s like having a child, for real.

Cats and Dogs can be the best of friends.

Having a cat before I had Ruby I wasn’t too sure about how well the cat/dog thing could pan out. But after a few weeks the two of them became best friends. Their relationship is typical of a sibling one. They play, fight and miss each other when apart. Even Thomas now takes to grooming Ruby everyday- it is the cutest thing i’ve seen, Especially when they fall asleep in mirrored positions! True love.

A dog is a great way to get out and meet people.

Making friends as an adult is pretty damn hard but having Ruby makes that a little bit easier. Most dog owners are friendly so walking a dog is good for you too! Ruby has lots of doggy friends and loves a good run. And while our dogs are running around, owners love a good chin wag and sometimes a trip to a beer garden is never a bad idea!

Dogs with anxiety are a real thing.

It took Roo a long time to be toilet trained and for a long time I thought she had a mystery illness, but it’s anxiety. Ruby has a problem with loud noises, feeling safe at night, separation and has a dislike to men. But now I know how to deal with all that she is a happy little dog. She still has her moments but just loves life. In this world of irony Ruby helped me with my own anxiety too.

Dogs understand disability.

Ruby is so good at understanding my disability and my abilities. She knows that to ‘give paw’ she must tap my foot and gently get her treat, she knows how to walk along side me without getting hurt (took some training), she knows that for a cuddle she has to climb on to my knee, and her newest trick is to tell my carer once I call for help. Ruby definitely doesn’t seem fussed about my disability thats for sure.

Finally, A dog really is man’s best friend.

Life may not be easy but having a dog in your life certainly makes it a happy one. The loyalty of a dog is a fierce one and if more people in the world had the happy go lucky attitude that a dog has, the world would be a better place!


An enormous thank you to my fluffy friend. You’re the best!

So Until Next Time



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