A day at Kidz South!

Last week I went to my first ever disability living exhibition – Kidz South. At first I went just for a little nosey not expecting to find much that would be of use to me soley because I’m now in my mid 20s (sob!) but I was gladly mistaken! Kidz South is an annual exhibition held in Reading and is part of the Kidz Exhibition Network that holds similar exhibitions throughout the year across England and In Wales. The exhibition plays hosts to a vast array of disabled children’s products and services, where you can ‘try before you buy’ most products. There was every type of wheelchair/seating system imaginable, specialist equipment and toys, adapted bikes, sensory equipment, innovative communication and living aids plus so much more! Despite the exhibition being primarily aimed at disabled children and their parents, plenty of the businesses at the exhibition have products for disabled adults too. What I loved most about the exhibition was that it opened my eyes to range of different products/solution that are available. If that wasn’t enough, many of the friendly exhibitionists had a wealth of knowledge about funding options because let’s be honest; none of this stuff comes cheap! Seeing all these options out there really brought the idea of independence to a whole new level. So what were my favourite items at Kidz South?


This bathroom sink by Astor-Bannermen Ltd. Those of you that follow me on social media will of already seen this but this sink but it really is amazing. I’ve not been able to use a sink in years so knowing that there is a sink that is fully adjustable and adapted would be a complete game changer- No more using cups and bowls in the morning.


This mind blowing wheelchair by Smart Wheelchairs. This was an incredible piece of kit. This chair not only tilts, rises and lowers but stands up! This chair would really make a difference to many people’s lives. Now I wouldn’t need this exact spec wheelchair but Smart Wheelchairs also do a slightly less advance wheelchair that would mean I’ll be able to comfortably use the desk at work and eat at restaurants. Take that scoliosis! safespace

This safe space by Creative Care. This little pod is a pretty cool idea for children with Autism, a great way for kids to take some time out. If I had one of these in my flat I probably wouldn’t go to work. I think we should all have one where we can take time off from being an adult!


These cool sensory aids from Sensory Plus. I’m always fascinated by sensory aids they’re so hypnotizing. They look so cool and provide some much needed stimulation to children with sensory impairments.

So there you have it, my first ever day at a Kidz Exhibition. I would certainly recommend anyone with a disabled child to visit one of these exhibitions- you never what you might find. If all these gadgets weren’t enough, since the exhibition I’m now hoping to plan a holiday to Florida with Grainge Villa Florida, which are friendly company who rent out adapted villas!

I cannot wait to start saving for my new wheelchair, sink and holiday. If it wasn’t for Kidz South I wouldn’t of known about all the options available. Starting from 2016 Kidz Exhibitions will be re- branded to incooperate more adult aids since the new SEND reforms cover children and adults aged 0-25. I literally can’t wait to attend my next exhibition! For more information visit  http://www.disabledliving.co.uk/Kidz/Welcome

Until Next Time


*This post was updated 10th June 2015*


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