Things they don’t tell you about being an adult.

It’s been an entire year since I were a student, which can also translate to meaning that I’ve been in the ‘real world’ for 365 days. Safe to say I feel a little bit lied to about what it feels like to be a fully-fledged adult. So here’s a post about what I’ve ‘learnt.’

You discover that as much as Facebook is great for connecting with friends, Facebook can cause a lot of unnecessary pressure.

With over 500 friends on Facebook it’s a constant stream of great careers, baby photos, wedding dresses and travelling adventures. Whilst you guys are all living the dream, some of us are twenty-something singletons who wear pyjamas on the weekend and have surrogate babies in the form of a cat and a dog.

Honesty isn’t the best policy in every situation.

Now I don’t mean that you should lie, but sometimes it isn’t always right to be 100% honest. Sometimes you have to hold back and just smile. That being said friends are great for talking through frustrations.

Money actually doesn’t go that far.

Ok, so maybe adults do tell you this but it really is true. Once you’ve paid rent, bills and food you then have the difficult decision of deciding what ‘treat’ to buy. Wine, Ben & Jerry’s or a new nail polish can sometimes be the hardest choice to make, but when you can’t decide there is such a thing as a credit card to save the day!

Building a good career isn’t always about working the hardest.

Hard work of course helps, but sometimes it’s about being in the right place at the right time. Network, Network, Network!

Even in 2015, people can still be a dick about disability.

You would think that being disabled for 24 years I would be used to the stares and snarky comments but I’m still a person, unless I’m being judged for my ability to use my wheelchair when drunk because then I have to agree.

 The day you are no longer asked for ID is the saddest day.

This happened to me this week and I really was devastated. You spend so long moaning about the inconvenience of carrying ID but when the sales person thinks you already look 25 when it’s 6 months until my birthday this makes me sad.

Even as an adult you still wait for the day you actually feel like an adult.

This might be because I’m not married and still watch shit TV like the Kardshians but I still don’t feel like a real adult. Or are you still trying to figure life out as an adult? Let me know!

Until Next Time



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