It’s another year older, another year ‘wiser’… or so they say

November. Most people think Bonfire Night, I think Birthdays. My Birthday. This year I turn 25- some people reading this will probably think ‘so young, she has a lot to learn’ but I think ‘oh god, do I have to act like a real grown up now?!’ Every birthday I get a little bit like an emotionally charged teenager and get all reflective about myself: where I was, where I am, where I’m going.’ So in light of my reflective self and me, I thought I would write a post of things I have learnt in my last year being closer to 20 than 30. Enjoy.

Say Yes often. To that dress, To that opportunity, To that date, Just say yes. You have nothing to lose. Trust me life becomes a lot more interesting when you say yes more.

Talking of dating, Men will always be as confusing AF. In all honesty my regular readers are probably sick of my dating blunders but it wouldn’t be a post about my year being 24 without mentioning my 6 months of online dating. I’ve met sickly sweet guys, the infamous ‘good guy,’ the guys obsessed with disability and the just ‘we will never be compatible’ guy. What have I learnt? That guys are never as simple as they claim to be and that men and women are totally different species. Have I lost hope? Not completely- you know gotta kiss a few frogs before you find your prince at all that.

It’s totally OK to change your career plans. This year after being a graduate a year, I decided to return to uni to do my Masters in Media and Communication. So far- Best. Decision. Ever. Personally I found being an disability advocate and being disabled with not much else in my career plan at the time, I found that something was missing. Being the over thinker and analyser I am, it seemed like the perfect solution to use my usual everyday hindrance to study something I enjoy and hopefully start a good career. Fingers Crossed.

‘1989’ changed my year. You know that small multi platinum album by Little Miss Taylor Swift? Well it kinda changed my summer and my respect for her. There’s nothing not love; Poppy, upbeat, lyrics for every occasion. Plus the tour in Hyde Park- one of the best shows I’ve seen. And squad goals with Kendall and Cara? YES PLEASE!!

N.B Although Adele has released that her new album is out in November, I’m toooooo excited about this, it’s on pre-order and with the statement she released with the announcement, I KNOW this album will get my through the year of 25 to 26!

Some of the best friends are those who believe in cocktails and wine. These friends also totally get your craziness and are more than likely crazy too, understand that even though you are intelligent you like all things beauty, celebrity and shit TV too! Also making you laugh so hard you get stomach cramp is absolute winner and makes them the best type of friends !

Chronic insomnia is just as disabling as a actual disability. We’ve all suffered at some point but surviving on 4 hours sleep every night for over a year and you have no legitimate reason i.e a screaming baby isn’t fun. And before you all jump and say the blue light omitting thing, does not make a difference. Someone move in and help me sleep? And to those who also suffer too- I feel your pain, maybe we should start a club or a What’s app group?

With a new dress, a good face, and freshly done hair, it should never be a bad day. There’s not really a lot more I can say on this point, but age old saying ‘if you look good, you feel good’.

Lastly, just because I’m single and childless doesn’t mean I’m a failure. I always had in my head that if I wasn’t engaged and at least pregnant by the time I was 25 I would be some kind of failure but it’s not true. (maybe I’m just telling myself this because I’m 25 in a matter of days and I’m not pregnant) ,I’ve done some pretty amazing things, I can now say I’m proud and confident of my blogging skills (always room for improvement though), I have a good team of PAs and some great friends.- If that’s failure than so be it 18-year-old naive self! One day I’ll meet a guy and hopefully I’ll have kids but I’m not going to put an age on that, it will happen when it happens! And between my blog and my new plans with academia I’ll keep knocking on doors until they open and I don’t care how idealistic that sounds!

So there you have that’s mostly what I’ve learnt in my year of being 24! Some things are just too stupid or shameful to post on the internet- Girl’s gotta have privacy too! 🙂

Until Next Time




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