2016: The year I didn’t blog

This is my first blog post after not blogging in a year, maybe my anxiety is spilling out as I type those words with a feeling of disappointment but here I am.

A year has passed, I can’t even write that I’ve ‘been busy’ as that’s not strictly true. I would describe my 2016 as unremarkable but tough at times. Whether that be the toughness but ‘sameness’ of the stories in media (ahem, Trump) or the battle that goes on in my head, who knows?

I guess that’s what mental illness is sometimes, just there and makes you watch the world go by. Disabling in a whole other way that is so much harder than your body not working.

Mental illness wasn’t a new thing for 2016 for me, trust me but taking myself off grid and being so unsure about who I am for so long, was. But this isn’t a mopey post, far from it. I’ve done my share of moping but that’s tedious to write about and even more tedious thing to actually read so I won’t subject you to that.

If you are reading this and you are going through a tough time, I promise you that people care about you and you are not alone. Just ask the people who receive 3am insomnia ridden messages from me. If I was to give advice though, you just have to keep going. Even when it feels totally and ultimately hopeless, just keep going. One day something will just click and you will find that strength you needed but that strength can’t really come from anyone else but you. As always I find solace in music, nothing better than listening music really loud and not giving a F***!

You will get there, might take you time but you will.

So 2016 wasn’t great but here’s to 2017 because I am back!




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