Advice Needed: Disability and careers.

Disability, work and careers. Those 3 words are a mine field to intertwine, based on my own personal experience. This post is not an observation post like the others but more a ‘can someone shed some light and help a brother out’ kinda post.

In September I will be finished my MA in Media and Communication and looking for my next step in life. In an ideal world I would be starting a career in academia and continuing research about disability representations in the media. (Very brutal dissertation brewing). Academia is the place where I feel I grow and not judged for my disability. I seriously can’t fault the support I have received from UoP in particular my school faculty over the years, both on a inclusion level and educationally.

But here’s where I’m stuck, I physically can’t afford to fund a PhD at all. So a research post or something would be ideal. I have worked  in the past and found the working/benefits system and Access to Work support an absolute nightmare. I will not accept being trapped in a benefits system for the rest of my life because in my eyes, the government and my disability win, and I ‘Holly the person’ would lose.

So this is where I’m asking for help. What are other people’s experiences? Do I relocate? Do I find a different career path to follow? All i know is that the system needs to change and I know deep down I have the backbone to give it my best shot.

If anyone has any advice, tips (or even opportunities) please get in touch. or comment, tweet etc.

That’s me today.




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