“I’m only human after all”

*Little disclaimer for this post: I originally wrote this post with the idea that I was going to have the words as a video with a song as audio (melodramatic mood much?) but I can’t get iMovie to be my friend after a week of tinkering… so here are the words and to really set my vision of where I was going, the link for the song that inspired this post is here. 

Thanks for reading xo*

“I’m only human after all, Don’t put your blame on me.” If studying the media for 6+ years has taught me one thing, it’s this…

Is it a mirror to society? Possibly. Is it a tool used and manipulated to suit ideological political propaganda? Yes, absolutely. Therapists told me not to get so het up on things I can not change, which on one hand is soothing to the thoughts whizzing around my head but what happens if those words are fueling every reason why you can’t accept what is going on…

Why would I choose to write a Master’s Dissertation on how media representations of disability impact identity? Because this matters, on one hand we are celebrated almost like a pacifier for the politicians to sleep well in their beds at night. We are people, I am a person, I am human.

Humans don’t deserve to live in a world where it feels like you’re in a constant battle just because we have something that means we may need help to live a fulfilling life.

Humans should never feel like they are just a financial figure that is waiting to be cut at any time. That is not living, that is existing.

I read constant streams day after day about the brutal cuts, and I know deep down my days are numbered. Some people tell me ‘that’s not going to happen’ but I’m well aware that I am a cost.

I never ever thought as a kid I was different or missing out but it is different now. People talk about the ‘glass ceiling’ for women but what about disabled people? What about those who could work with the right support?

They, referring to those in charge, want more people working and earning. That is great but how does anyone suppose that happens when ‘Access to Work ‘ grants are cut or not delivered, and every penny that disabled person earns is taken away to pay for a ‘luxury’ like care AKA using the loo, getting dressed, you know living?

Someone needs to listen and act.

These words are not just for me but for every person that they touch. Every disabled person that feels like this Every social worker, carer, friend and family member…


Dear politicians, 

Is that seat comfortable where you are sitting? Did you enjoy that bonus you had last year? I’m glad.  

Next question, Are you proud of the work you do? Are you human?    

 There are over 6.9 million disabled people of working age in the UK, I am one of those people. I’m educated. I care. I cost the tax payer.

Why do you make me feel like I’m worth less than my peers? Why do you make me feel like I’m trapped?

 Why do you see me as a number and not the potential behind that number? Why do you see my disability as a problem and not see the jobs that the disability has created?

 Many people have protested about what your policies have done to people like me. I don’t want to be angry or living in fear anymore. You need to listen, You can find money for trident but you say that disabled people are expensive? Maybe I’m confused but I just don’t understand the logic.

 I would say imagine what is going on right now is happening to a loved one, that person is moved into a home because their council is making savings and playing into your austerity agenda.

 But the former PM had first hand experience of disability and still chose to punish us. I need you to see I am human.

 Wake up, make me feel safe, make me feel like I, and others like me, have a future. Show me that the government is full of human-beings and not the pen pushers behind barbaric and complex systems lining their own pockets.

 I’m not going to let you beat me, I won’t give up. I can’t give up.

 I’m only human after all. Don’t put your blame on me.


Just a small thought: As much as I hate to say it, but maybe we are inspirational because we exist in a world full of complex systems with hard to break ceilings but we try every single day.


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