When you’re job searching and then…

For the last week or so I’ve been job searching. As much as I would love, love, love to be a lecturer sharing ideas and theories about the media, everyone needs a plan b in life so here I am searching for job.

Applying for graduate schemes,  anything that will pay a bit of money so I can get out of the benefits trap. (new life goal) that being before social services deduct more money for the luxury of being disabled. (see previous posts).

Anyway so I thought I’d type in the word disability, after all I would consider myself who has a voice that someone may need, a good eye for detail and passion for equality. In my search I discovered something so alarming it made me sick and rant to my carer for the last half hour…

PIP assessors earn upwards of £30K. Are you kidding me? So let’s say on average carers tend to earn 16K, the people that are there, seeing people everyday, making a life possible for disabled people but people who can ruin a disabled person’s life earns double? if not more. Is that some kind of sick joke?

I understand that everyone needs a job, a living, but to me that financial incentive is disgusting. wrong. morally wrong.

So if you are ok with the current political agenda, congratulations you can earn a comfortable wage but if you don’t, carry on fighting or close your eyes and shut your ears it  will make you sleep easier at night…

Maybe I should apply, fight from the inside…


Just kidding, I don’t want to get paid for fulfilling austerity. It would be dirty money.


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