It’s another year older, another year ‘wiser’… or so they say

November. Most people think Bonfire Night, I think Birthdays. My Birthday. This year I turn 25- some people reading this will probably think ‘so young, she has a lot to learn’ but I think ‘oh god, do I have to … Continue reading

“I’ll Never Be Picture Perfect Beyonce”- Kanye. The post about my body.

You’re probably reading the title of the post and thinking ‘yay another post about a 20 something who had/ has confidence issues’ but as much as I write this blog to share my life and thoughts with others, sometimes this … Continue reading

When you drop the D bomb.. The post about disability and dating.

I have to be mindful in this post to make sure that the feminist affirming tones of Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls) that’s currently playing at volume doesn’t taint this post and make it sound like I’m man bashing because … Continue reading