It’s another year older, another year ‘wiser’… or so they say

November. Most people think Bonfire Night, I think Birthdays. My Birthday. This year I turn 25- some people reading this will probably think ‘so young, she has a lot to learn’ but I think ‘oh god, do I have to … Continue reading

“I’ll Never Be Picture Perfect Beyonce”- Kanye. The post about my body.

You’re probably reading the title of the post and thinking ‘yay another post about a 20 something who had/ has confidence issues’ but as much as I write this blog to share my life and thoughts with others, sometimes this … Continue reading

Disability vs Work

I know I spend a lot of my blog and time advocating for disabled people to live independently but let me tell you, sometimes this is hard. Really hard. I always had this idea that I would go to uni to study Media and then I would go and get a job in advertising or music promotion but that hasn’t exactly happened.

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It’s all about your attitude..

Every now and then I get asked how I stay so positive and my simplest answer is that I have no choice not be, really! I was born with a disability so I have no idea what it feels like to exist without one, but one thing I have learned is it’s not about living with the actual disability, it’s about your attitude too. I must say now that I make no apologies for this post…

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