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cuts to independence?

It’s been a little while since I blogged about care but now that I am involved in the running of a Peer-Support group for individual employers and personal care assistants and with the next general election fast approaching, now is as good a time as any to talk about the importance of receiving the right care and support and why more cuts to social care services will be so detrimental…

The very first thing I must say before anything is that the views raised in the post are strictly my own.

For just over two years I have ran my own care team and that in itself comes with a whole array of challenges but before that care and being supported to live independently was a whole different story.

Like many people that receive care provided by local authorities I used domiciliary care agencies, for those who are unfamiliar, these are agencies that go round to your home and provide care, this is done in allotted time and usually made up multiple short shifts a day. Without boring everyone with the details, these agencies didn’t suit me. Same story of carers not turning up, being rushed, carers being late and my bedtime around 9pm. Not fun.

In a last ditch attempt, I joined another agency, one that you gave you your own dedicated care team, no more short shifts- sounded like bliss. This agency didn’t fit me either. My carers were lovely but management were hell, actual hell. What started off as an ideal solution ended up being a nightmare. I was bullied, treated like I was just a money ticket. I wasn’t a person I was price. My ride on the hell train came to an abrupt end after 8 months and literally overnight I set up my own care team.

I’m not writing this for sympathy, but during these 8 months I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I’ll be first to say that until this ordeal I had no real idea what depression or anxiety even meant, like most I was a little ignorant. Obviously I can’t say a complete sweeping statement and say ‘This agency gave me depression’ but it certainly contributed.

What I’m really trying to get at is that finding the right care doesn’t just impact someone physically it can impact them emotionally too. I may not ever be totally cured of my anxiety disorder (you know it’s a bit of a deep rooted issue) but now I’m free from harm.

Stories like this one unfortunately aren’t uncommon but with the cuts that will be happening to social care services they are unlikely to stop. And the scariest thing for me? Cuts to social care mean cuts to independence. So before some big politician says the money is running out to fund disabled people’s care I would say there is and should be no price on independence

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PA profile

On my blog ( I have written posts about the process of recruiting, I mentioned a profile that I attach to an email and send to people who I like the look  of. The profile opens up communication between me and the candidate and it makes me seem a lot more ‘real’ and friendly and not just a scary boss!

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